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About Our Organization

Lakefront Soccer Club

The Lakefront Soccer Club’s mission is to provide the youth athlete with a positive soccer experience, which incorporates the teaching of proper skill development, team participation, and fun. Our coaches are expected to help build good character by; helping each player gain selfconfidence, teach good sportsmanship, and to respect all those who participate in any soccer environment. Lakefront SC will provide each player with a level of competition that enhances individual development as soccer players through proper coaching, quality facilities, and programming.

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Player Development and Soccer Philosophy

We at Lakefront Soccer Club believe that player development is the most important aspect of youth soccer. Our main focus is balancing development with winning to boost confidence and provide players with a healthy competitive mentality. Development in the younger age groups is especially more important than winning. 

We provide age-appropriate training which builds a solid technical and tactical foundation to develop a team of well-rounded players. 

Our balanced approach allows players to be more creative and express themselves on the field without fear of making a mistake. We then encourage players to learn from any mistakes made during the competition.


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