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32nd Annual Lakefront Classic Showcase

Registration is Open
Deadline May 1st


June 7, 8, 9  2024 

(only local teams are scheduled for Friday evening games)

Premier Division

U9-U10 – $585
U11-U12 – $795

Travel  Division

U9-U10 – $585
U11-U12 – $695



June 14, 15, 16  2024 

(only local teams are scheduled for Friday evening games)

Premier Division

U13-U15 – $835
U16-U19 – $855

Travel  Division

U13-U15 – $735
U16-U19 – $755



  • Premier / Elite (reserved for premier/elite/select teams or exceptional division 1 travel teams)


  • Division 1 – Division 1 travel teams and lower second division premier teams
  • Division 2 – Division 2/3 travel teams
  • Division 3 – Division 3/4 travel teams

Questions? – tournament@lakefrontsc.com

Team Check In Procedure - Due May 15th

ALL TEAMS will be utilizing GotSport for on-line documentation uploads for check-in this year.   

How to Upload Documents to GotSport  Please read.  Each upload must be scanned into one document.  Instructions are included in this document.

Deadline to complete check-in is May 15th

Items needed to complete team check in – 

1.  Certified Team Roster including guest players written in (Max 3 guest players)
2.  Coaches Risk Management Pass/Coaches Pass/Books

3.  Player Passes/Books including guest players
4.  Tournament Medical/Liability Release Forms completed and signed for all players, including guest players.  Club Waivers not accepted.

5.  Permission to Travel if outside of Region 1
6.  Completed and Signed Team Check In Check List

Tournament Medical/Liability Release Form This form must be used.  We do not accept your own clubs form.

Team Check In Check List  Please Complete and sign.

Please make sure your parents have read the Tournament Rules, FAQ’s, and Zero Tolerance on our website.  All maps and information regarding the tournament are on this webpage.

If your first game is at Lakefront Sports Park (Fields #8 – #17), Basket Rd (Fields #19 – #21) or Kent Park (Fields #46 – #47), your bag will be at the white tent at Lakefront Sports Park 1645 Boulter Industrial Park.  If your first game is at LSC Complex (Thomas HS (Fields #41 & #42, and Boulter Field #1), please see the Field Marshal in the bright orange vest!  Inside will be some information, garbage bags for your use, sportsmanship pins to exchange for all your games (except finals), and your player gifts!   



If you have any questions, please feel free to email Pellucid info@pellucidtravel.com . We will make sure that your teams are taken care of and in the best fit.”
2024 Lakefront  Classic Showcase 08U/09U – 12U
Hosted By: Lakefront Soccer Club
Arrival Date: 06/07/2024
Departure Date: 06/9/2024
Booking URL: https://groups.reservetravel.com/group.aspx?id=71658
2024 Lakefront Classic Showcase 13U – 19U
Hosted By: Lakefront Soccer Club
Arrival Date: 06/14/2024
Departure Date: 06/16/2024
Booking URL: https://groups.reservetravel.com/group.aspx?id=71660

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