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Rules for Indoor Sessions

  1. No gum, food or drinks beside water are allowed on the turf
  2. Shin Guards are REQUIRED during all practice and games
  3. Cleats are allowed but not metal studded cleats
  4. All Players must keep all equipment and personal belongings in their bags
  5. Wear our practice tryout t-shirts to all training sessions
  6. Balls are to be used only when on the field.
  7. No bouncing or kicking balls off the walls
  8. No balls are allowed on the second floor
  9. No sliding on turf
  10. Do not pull and pick on the turf grass blades
  11. No hanging on the goals or black netting
  12. Only coaches and players are allowed on the turf
  13. Do not use emergency exit doors
  14. The facility is always open unless a State of Emergency in Monroe County is issued