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Player Development and Soccer Philosophy

We at Lakefront Soccer Club believe that player development is the most important aspect of youth soccer. Balancing development with winning in order to boost confidence and provide players with a healthy competitive mentality is our main focus. Development at the younger age groups especially is more important than winning. 

We provide age-appropriate training which builds a solid technical and tactical foundation to develop a team of well rounded players. 

Our balanced approach allows players to be more creative and express themselves on the field without fear of making a mistake. We then encourage players to learn from any mistakes made during competition. 


We strive to play attractive, possession-based soccer, starting from the back. We strive to build out the back and work up the field whenever possible through movement, rotation, creativity and fast paced soccer. We encourage our players to take more risks in the final third to create goal scoring opportunities.  


We strive to defend by finding a balance between discipline and healthy aggression, we want our teams to try to win the ball back as soon as we lose the ball by implementing an all-out press. If unsuccessful, our defenders retreat behind the ball, focusing on staying on their feet and waiting for the right time to win the ball. 


Attacking Transition: After recovering the ball, we want to play fast and forward as soon as possible to try to exploit any space the opponents may have left.

Defending Transition: If we lose possession of the ball, we want to lock on and press as quickly as possible to avoid the opponents from gaining any passing momentum.